Blockchain and Crypto Advisory

Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals

CGS Group will coach and guide you personally in the comfort of your home or office space to navigate through cryptocurrency and blockchain space with ease and allow you to make informed investment decisions and to get outstanding returns on your capital.

    •    Basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain assets

    •    Optimized portfolio construction and adjustments

    •    Obtain the latest industry critical news and trends via our broadcast

    •    Access to exclusive deals and opportunities 


Corporate Clients

CGS Group will assist with your management team and IT dept. with the creation and implementation of digital strategy to unlock the value of blockchain and increase the efficiency of your operation and business outlook.

    •    Optimized blockchain solution suited for your business needs

    •    Tokenize your digital product solution for scalability and speed

    •    Fund-raising via ICO/STO structure 

    •    Maintain competitive edge by controlling your own ecosystem

    •    Opening new and additional revenue channels

Government Agencies

CGS Group will assist government agencies particularly implementing blockchain technology for data logistics and to allow citizen services more accessible, push for complete control of data flow and better traffic analytics to achieve a happier society.

    •    Optimized blockchain solution suited for citizen engagements

    •    Increase control over society functions

    •    Control of data logistics

    •    Efficient voting and governance solutions